About Us

Our company is specialized in offering management consultancy services to organizations seeking to identify new market opportunities that can place them on top of the market charts. Knowing exactly what to do and how to do it is what got us over the years the “problem solver “ title.

Encompassing a young team of skilled and dedicated people, our company focuses on providing clients with accurate and documented solutions for solving current and long term problems. Recruited from elite national and international universities and industries, our personal can solve any issue presented due to their capacity of understanding what happens behind the facts and figures presented and their superior problem management skills. All this is done while respecting the firm's core values of high moral standard and confidentiality. Due to that we've succeeded in building ourselves a name on the market which is a synonym to professionalism and safety.

We offer our services to a wide variety of companies that are active in domains ranging from IT, research & development, media, marketing, healthcare to automobiles, infrastructure and government. Our expertise regards the quality deliverance of studies and investigations referring to Partner Selection, Market Research, Opportunity Assessment, Due Diligence, India Entry Strategy , Competitive Intelligence and Business Analysis.

What differentiates us from others is our accurate and documented work that comes from nurturing a participative approach with each and every client we come in contact with. This not only facilitates the quick and clear understanding of our clients primary needs but offers us with a better perspective onto where the company is heading. Constant feedback and permanent interaction are the main keys when tackling clients requests. By doing so, we've managed to always come up with innovative and customize methods of providing our clients with turnkey solutions for their specific issues. Experience has shown that in nine out of ten cases our expertise has placed companies on a winning position on the market.