Partner Selection

Partner Selection is of crucial importance for the future development of any business especially in today“s globalized market. Companies in search of the right entity to share alliance are often presented with a complex and intricate task which gives them little room for action. This is a common situation for our team of specialists whose expertise over the years has facilitated some of the market most important business connections. That is mainly due to the fact that when assessing potential business partners for our clients we place a great deal of importance on the resource endowment and strategic aspiration pursued by targeted entities.

The analysis conducted follows two phases. The first phase consists of a market scanning process. Its goal is to identify potential partners that share common values with our clients. This if followed by a thorough and in-depth analysis of these businesses capacity to create value over time. The eligibility assessment allows for a proper evaluation of future partners as it sets the grounds for the decision making process in terms of criteria thatneed to be respected.

Once potential partners are identified. Negotiation takes place in order to improve the conditions entailed by potential parties if an alliance is to be formed. Based on the data collected our company can provide further assistance during the terms talk hence making sure all aspects have been properly covered. The partner selection process ends with a contract being signed but our services can continue with a constant and close analysis of the selected partner“s future activity in order to ensure the maintenance of the alliance“s efficiency.

Selecting the right partner for any business is something we like to call our main duty and responsibility as bringing companies together in reaching partnership synergy is what tells the difference between amateurs and business professionals.