Business Analysis

Business analysis is what specialists call the cornerstone of turning business ideas into successful stories. Knowing the organization's profile and its working structure is of huge importance when it comes to activity planning. This can be accomplished by conducting an in-depth analysis of the organization's available resources. Properly correlating this with reached or anticipated results can successfully diminish business's risks with good results on long term.

By using financial statement data, our team of young professionals can capture in a single report a company's performance taking into account its resource planning methods, capital allocation and profitability status. The examined data is further linked to the economic situation present on the market and the client's business sector characteristics. The techniques used for conducting the analysis range from common ones such as SWOT, PESTLE or MOST to specific and customized ones depending on client's request and needs.

Also provided within the business analysis services is the financial forecast of business activity which is based on the financial figures collected from a company's balance sheet and income statement. This allows entrepreneurs to properly plan their future actions and avoid risky situations that may appear along the way.

For start-ups our business analysts use a combination of financial data registered by companies active in industries sought by our clients and a set of assumptions related to the business's purpose. All these lead to a well-documented financial forecast that can provide decision-makers with a proper tool for assessing the situation before engaging into any kind of deal.

The sought end of a business analysis is offering clients with clear solutions that not only improve their business efficiency but completely meets with their planned results. The dedication and professionalism with which this is provided by our team of specialists has placed us among the top sought companies in this field.