Competitive Intelligence

When active on the market, companies are exposed to all kind of risks that rises every day. Competitive Intelligence is a legal way of gathering important information about products, services, consumers, competitors or any other data that diminishes the uncertainty of the decision making process and reduces the risk exposure.

Detailed external business environment analysis is important for those companies seeking a competitive edge that can place them on top of the market charts when it comes to customer satisfaction, technology used and financial figures obtained.

The core of competitive intelligence is tightly linked to the decision each manager takes in order to maximize the value of his or hers organization. Failing to gather and examine all data presented on the market in an organized and professional manner can lead to the total collapse of an organization's system. Our company can prevent that from happening by performing a Competitive Intelligence analysis that basically covers three main aspects. The first relates to the identification of a company's main competitors, their market strategies, clients and suppliers politics. Once this is known tactical intelligence becomes the most sought information. This refers to the gathering of data regarding terms of sale, price scheme or future plans considered by competitors.

The third aspect covered by our company when conducting a Competitive Intelligence analysis has to do with protecting our clients' information. This is mainly provided by keeping a close eye on the technology used within the firm to make sure its security is not breached. Moreover the human factor is carefully considered in this phase as frequent personal changes raises the risk of exposing important competitive opportunities to those interested in making a profit.

The product resulting from performing a Competitive Intelligence analysis is evaluated and properly presented by our company to decision makers who can use it for successfully implementing future business strategies.