Due Diligence

Documented business decisions are those that diminish the risks of failure. Taking every precautionary measure before adventuring into new business deals is common sense and failing to do so is often considered negligence. The process of verifying the accountability of an organization before engaging in any kind of deals or partnerships is called due diligence. This is a legal way of protecting a company against shady entities.

Our team of qualified specialists offers this particular kind of service to those interested in two steps. The fist step often called initial due diligence consists in a pre-evaluation of a company's risk exposure prior the moment it considers doing business with another party. This implies a quick and light investigation which offers a broad perspective onto the company's partner future position on the market.

The second type of service regarding due diligence that our company can provide is called ongoing due diligence. This is an in-depth analysis of a company's business partners' situation which takes place after the closure of a deal. Its main goal is to make sure that the company's risk exposure is kept to the minimum. Past experience has shown that though ongoing due diligence is a long term service provided periodically throughout the maintenance of a business relation, its results are critical when it comes to deciding long term strategy. The advice and expertise provided by our company's specialists will stand as guarantee that all possible options have been thoroughly considered and that whatever the client decides its actions are in accordance with the legislation and backed up by documented work.

Providing companies with up to date information regarding what really happens behind the financial figures and what can they do to limit their risk exposure based on specific methods of investigation that tie events together is our main business. Protecting companies is our responsibility.